BB2HCS Hard Covered Drum Spill Pallet with Lockable Doors - Suitable for 8 x 205ltr Drums or 2 x 1000ltr IBC

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BB2HCS IBC Hard covered drum spill pallet is designed to hold 2 x 1000 litre IBC or 8 x 205 litre drums has a galvanised steel powder-coated paint finish cover fitted with hinged doors and retaining catches to hold them open during loading and unloading. The steel cover is secured to the spill pallet by means of M8 dome head Allen bolts & nyloc nuts.

This robust weather resistant storage unit has a broad chemical compatibility for safe storage within the workplace safety and fully complies with all the UK regulations relating to sump capacities with is generous 1140 litre sump.

Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene and Structural Galvanised Steel Cover with a 3 year product guarantee.

IBC Spill Pallet Bund Only, Containers not Included.


The BB2HCS Steel Covered Drum Spill Pallet is specifically engineered to address the challenges associated with storing and hazardous materials both inside and outside. It features a robust steel construction that ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for even the most demanding industrial environments. The spill pallet's design incorporates a covered drum storage area, which provides additional protection against spills, leaks, and other accidents. This innovative feature sets the BB2HCS apart from conventional spill pallets, making it a superior choice for businesses looking to enhance workplace safety.

In addition to its steel construction and covered drum storage area, the BB2HCS Steel Covered Drum Spill Pallet boasts several other key features. These include a removable grate for easy cleaning, a forklift-friendly design for convenient handling, and a spill containment capacity that exceeds industry standards. The spill pallet is also compatible with a range of hazardous materials, making it a versatile solution for various industries. With these features, the BB2HCS offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses seeking to maximize workplace safety and minimize environmental impact.


  • Length: 2625mm
  • Width: 1430mm
  • Height: 2110mm
  • Internal Sump Capacity: 1140 Litre
  • Product Weight: 285kg
  • UDL: 3000kg
  • Manufactured in the UK from Structural Grade Galvanised Steel
  • Approval: DIBt Z-40.22.398
  • Product Guarantee - 3 Year
  • Product Code: OSS-BB2HCS
  • Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN): 5060399593083


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  • 7-14 Days from Receipt of Order
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The BB2HCS Steel Covered Drum Spill Pallet offers a range of features and benefits that make it the ideal choice for businesses prioritizing workplace safety. Its robust steel construction provides exceptional durability, ensuring that the spill pallet can withstand the demands of industrial environments. The covered drum storage area adds an extra layer of protection, preventing spills and leaks from occurring. The removable grate allows for easy cleaning, ensuring that the spill pallet can be maintained in optimal condition.

One of the standout features of the BB2HCS is its spill containment capacity, which exceeds industry standards. This means that even in the event of a spill, the spill pallet will effectively contain and control the hazardous material, preventing it from spreading and causing further damage. This feature significantly reduces the risk of environmental pollution and potential harm to employees. The forklift-friendly design of the spill pallet allows for easy maneuverability, making it simple and convenient to transport hazardous materials within the workplace.

Another notable benefit of the BB2HCS Steel Covered Drum Spill Pallet is its compatibility with a wide range of hazardous materials. This versatility makes it suitable for various industries, such as manufacturing, chemical production, and oil and gas. Businesses can rely on the spill pallet to safely store and transport different types of hazardous materials, enhancing workplace safety and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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