Queueline Pro Retractable Matt Black Belt Barrier with 2m Black Webbing - Set of 2

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Sold in a set of 2 Queueline retractable Barriers in matt black with non-slip base come complete with 2m black webbing with 4 way connection to create an affordable cost effective solution when looking to form customer queues in a busy retail store, a congested airport or construction site.


Ensuring the safety of employees and visitors is of utmost importance. Queue barriers with retractable webbing have emerged as a practical and effective solution to maximize workplace safety. These versatile barriers not only help create a clear separation between different areas but also serve as a visual cue to guide individuals in an orderly manner.

By implementing queue barriers, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, and maintain a smooth flow of traffic. But the benefits don't stop there. With their retractable webbing feature, these barriers offer flexibility and convenience, allowing for easy setup and storage. Whether it's a busy retail store, a congested airport, or a construction site, queue barriers are an essential asset for any organization looking to prioritize safety and enhance operational efficiency.


  • Length: 320mm
  • Width: 320mm
  • Height: 1040mm
  • Post Diameter: 64mm
  • Product Weight: 16kg
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel with a Matt Black Finish.
  • Product Guarantee - 1 Year
  • Product Code: OSS-BR/SET/2
  • Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN):


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In customer-facing industries such as retail, hospitality, and entertainment, providing a positive customer experience is crucial for success. Queue barriers help create organized and efficient lines, minimizing confusion and frustration among customers. By clearly defining waiting areas and guiding customers through a designated path, queue barriers contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable customer journey. The retractable webbing feature allows for easy adjustment of queue lengths to accommodate varying customer volumes, ensuring optimal efficiency. Ultimately, a well-managed queue system can lead to higher customer satisfaction, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Crowded spaces, such as airports, train stations, and stadiums, can be challenging to manage, particularly during peak hours or special events. Queue barriers play a vital role in controlling the flow of crowds and maintaining order. By strategically placing barriers at key locations, organizations can guide individuals through specific paths, reducing the risk of congestion and potential accidents. The retractable webbing allows for quick adjustments to accommodate changing crowd sizes and patterns, ensuring a smooth and safe flow of people. Effective crowd control not only enhances safety but also improves the overall experience for everyone involved.

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