60 Litre Domestic & Residential Grit Bin in Green

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Our 60 litre heavy duty grit bin in green is built to last and are extremely popular with with domestic and residential properties. These grit are supplied with a hinged lockable lid for added security that also protects the salt from all elements.

Rotomoulded medium capacity grit bin that can hold up to 3 x 25kg bags of de-icing salt.

Very durable & Can be Left Out All Year with No Fear of Cracking.


Maintaining a safe and accessible car park is essential for businesses and property owners. A well-maintained car park not only enhances the overall appearance of the property but also ensures the safety and convenience of customers and employees. With extreme winter, car park maintenance becomes even more critical as icy and snowy conditions can lead to accidents and injuries. This is where stackable grit bins with hinged lids for workplace safety. These bins provide an efficient and effective way to store and distribute grit, ensuring that your car park remains safe and accessible during the winter months.

Proper car park maintenance not only reduces the risk of accidents but also helps protect your investment. Regular clearing of snow and ice prevents damage to the asphalt or concrete surface, reducing the need for costly repairs in the future. Additionally, a well-maintained car park creates a positive impression on visitors and customers, enhancing the overall experience of your business. 

When it comes to car park maintenance, prevention is key. By proactively preparing for winter weather conditions and having the necessary tools and equipment in place, you can minimize the impact of snow and ice on your car park. Stackable grit bins with a hinged lid provide a practical solution for storing and distributing grit, ensuring that you are well-prepared for any weather event. These bins allow for easy access to grit, making it quick and convenient to spread it on icy surfaces. By investing in these bins, you can stay ahead of the weather and ensure the safety and accessibility of your car park throughout the winter season.


  • Length: 500mm
  • Width: 470mm
  • Height: 475mm
  • Internal Capacity: 60 Litre
  • Product Weight: 6kg
  • Manufactured in the UK from Medium Density Polyethylene
  • Product Guarantee - 1 Year
  • Product Code: OSS-RW0020G
  • Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN):


  • Free to Mainland UK
  • 3-5 Days from Receipt of Order - Extended During Peak Times
  • Bespoke Pricing and Guaranteed Lead-times Available on Larger Quantities.


The primary benefit of having a grit bin is the improved safety it provides. By having a readily available supply of grit/salt/sand, organizations can quickly respond to icy conditions and make walking surfaces safe for employees. This reduces the risk of slips and falls, minimizing the chances of accidents and injuries.

Investing in a grit bin can result in long-term cost savings. By proactively addressing winter hazards, organizations can avoid potential lawsuits, medical expenses, and loss of productivity associated with workplace accidents. Additionally, grit bins are reusable, allowing organizations to use the same supply of grit/salt/sand for multiple winter seasons.

Grit bins are designed to be easily accessible, allowing employees to quickly access the grit/salt/sand when needed. This eliminates the need to rely on external suppliers or wait for maintenance personnel to address icy conditions, providing a more efficient and timely solution.

Should you require assistance in finding the right product to meet your requirements and you need assistance, Please email sales@onestopforsafety.co.uk