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Discover a wide range of Workplace Safety products designed to assist in Winter Essentials & Grit Bins from White De-Icing Salt, Brown Rock Salt, Grit Bins, Shovels, Snow Ploughs, Scoops and with more products being added, we have the products and the supply chain to meet any requirements.

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A LITTLE MORE ABOUT OUR Winter Essentials & Grit Bins RANGE

A wide range of products from Grit Bins, White De-Icing Salt, Brown Rock Salt and Spreaders. Prepare for winter conditions with our comprehensive collection of winter essentials and grit bins. Our sturdy and durable grit bins provide a secure storage solution for gritting materials, keeping them easily accessible during icy and snowy weather. Choose from our range of white de-icing salt and brown rock salt, both highly effective in melting ice and preventing slippery surfaces. Our winter essentials and grit bins are essential tools for maintaining safe and navigable surfaces during harsh winter conditions.