Brown De-Icing Rock Salt - 1000kg Bulk Bag

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Supplied in a 1 tonne bag, Brown de-icing salt is more traditionally know as road grit leaving grit like residue and is the same product used by many councils and highway agencies in the de-icing process making it an efficient winter salt at battling ice and snow.

Perfect for roads, car parks pathways, pavements, playgrounds and commercial estates, but can leave a a residue inside building where walked on.


As the winter season approaches, it's time to start thinking about winter safety and one crucial aspect of this is choosing the right de-icing salt for your workplace safety and environment.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to keep your walkways and driveways safe or a facilities manager responsible for larger areas, don't let the winter weather catch you off guard, stay prepared and ensure the safety of yourself and others by selecting the right de-icing salt.

Bulk bags of rock salt are convenient and easy to handle, making them ideal for property owners who want a practical solution for tackling ice accumulation. This versatile and cost-effective de-icer can quickly and effectively prevent accidents by melting snow and ice, providing a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Not only does rock salt improve safety, but it also helps to minimize potential damage. By eliminating icy surfaces, you can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, vehicle skids, and damage to your property. Additionally, using rock salt prevents the formation of ice dams, which can lead to roof leaks and water damage.


  • Conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt
  • Raw, indigenous product mined in the UK & Ireland
  • Typically 5-8% naturally occurring grit particles (insoluble)
  • Free flowing and ideal for use in spreaders, by hand or by shovel
  • Individual Bag Weight: 1000kg
  • Manufactured and Bagged in the UK
  • Product Code: OSS-BS1000
  • Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN): 


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  • 2-3 Days from Receipt of Order - Extended During Peak Times
  • Bespoke Pricing and Guaranteed Lead-times Available on Larger Quantities.


When brown de-icing rock salt is spread on an icy surface, it dissolves in the thin layer of water formed by the melting ice. The dissolved salt lowers the freezing point of this water, preventing it from refreezing creating a slushy mixture whilst leaving a gritty residue.

The effectiveness of brown de-icing rock salt is influenced by various factors, including temperature, humidity, and the amount of salt applied. In colder temperatures, the melting process may be slower, requiring a higher concentration of salt to achieve the desired results.

Similarly, in areas with high humidity, the effectiveness of brown de-icing rock salt may be reduced, as the excess moisture can dilute the salt and hinder its ability to melt ice.

By applying the right amount of salt and considering the environmental conditions, one can ensure efficient ice and snow removal while minimizing waste and potential harm to the surrounding environment.

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