Heavy Duty Construction Mortar Mixing Tubs in Dark Green with a 300 Litre Capacity

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Heavy duty construction mortar mixing tubs in UV protected dark green with a 300 litre capacity are fully water tight with fully moulded feet to assist moving with use of forklift and are ideal for construction sites and the DIY enthusiast.

Rotomoulded large capacity mortar mixing tubs for mixing of mortar, cement and other materials.

Manufactured in the UK from Medium Density Polyethylene with a 1 year product guarantee.


Efficient material handling is a crucial aspect of any construction project. The ability to quickly and safely move materials from one location to another can significantly impact productivity and overall project timelines. This is where mortar tubs come in. These specially designed containers are specifically engineered to handle the demands of the construction industry.

With their sturdy construction and ergonomic design, mortar tubs allow for easy transportation of materials such as mortar, concrete, and other construction supplies. Their large capacity ensures that you can mix and transport a significant volume of materials in a single trip, saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, mortar tubs are designed with reinforced edges and corners, making them durable and resistant to wear and tear, even in the most demanding construction environments.

Mortar tubs also play a vital role in maintaining a clean and organized work area. By providing a designated space for material storage, these stackable tubs help minimize clutter and ensure that everything is easily accessible when needed. This not only improves workflow but also reduces the risk of accidents caused by tripping over scattered materials. With mortar tubs, you can create a safer and more efficient workspace, allowing your team to focus on the task at hand.


  • Length: 1180mm
  • Width: 910mm
  • Height: 590mm
  • Capacity: 300 Litre
  • Product Weight: 18kg
  • Manufactured in the UK from Medium Density Polyethylene
  • Product Guarantee - 1 Year
  • Product Code: OSS-CMT300DARKGREEN
  • Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN):


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  • 3-5 Days from Receipt of Order.
  • Bespoke Pricing and Guaranteed Lead-times Available on Larger Quantities.


One of the most significant advantages of using mortar tubs on construction sites is the increased productivity and time savings they provide. Traditional methods of mixing and transporting mortar can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, often requiring multiple trips and manual handling. With mortar tubs, however, you can mix larger batches of mortar in one go and transport them more efficiently, eliminating the need for frequent trips back and forth.

The large capacity of mortar tubs not only allows for increased batch sizes but also reduces the time spent on mixing. By using a mortar tub, you can mix a substantial amount of mortar at once, allowing for uninterrupted work and faster progress. This can be especially beneficial for large-scale construction projects where time is of the essence.

Furthermore, mortar tubs are designed with ergonomic handles and wheels, making them easy to maneuver even when fully loaded. This eliminates the need for excessive manual labor, reducing the strain on your workers and increasing overall efficiency. By investing in mortar tubs, you can significantly streamline your construction operations and maximize productivity.

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