Pack of 10 Chemical Absorbent Pads 400mm X 500mm Yellow - 8 Litre

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Supplied in a pack of 10, these chemical absorbent pads are your best solution when working with chemicals or when you are unsure what the spilt/leaking liquid is. The bright yellow colour is a good visual warning to others clearly identifying the spill as hazardous. These pads are bonded and fitted with a cover-stock to provide excellent wear resistance and market leading tensile strength and are perforated to allow you to use as much or as little as you need depending on the application.

Manufactured in the UK with a Fine Fibre Finish, Bonded and Perforated.

Supplied Poly Wrapped in Pack Quantity.


When it comes to ensuring the safety of your workplace, there are many tools and resources at your disposal. Among these, chemical absorbent pads are one of the most essential. These pads are designed to quickly and effectively absorb spills of hazardous chemicals, preventing them from spreading and causing harm to employees or the environment. From factories to laboratories, chemical absorbent pads are used in a wide range of workplaces to minimize the risk of accidents and protect the health and wellbeing of workers.


  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Single Sheet Absorbency: 0.8 Litre
  • Total Pack Absorbency: 8 Litre
  • Colour Coded: Yellow
  • Manufactured in the UK with a Fine Fibre Finish, Bonded and Perforated
  • Product Code: OSS-CPRM10-80


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The primary benefit of using chemical absorbent pads is improved safety in the workplace. By quickly and effectively absorbing spills of hazardous chemicals, these pads help to prevent accidents and injuries. This is especially important in industries where employees are working with dangerous chemicals on a regular basis.

When spills of hazardous chemicals occur, they can have a significant impact on the environment. Chemical absorbent pads help to reduce this impact by containing spills and preventing them from spreading. This helps to protect nearby water sources and wildlife habitats, as well as prevent soil contamination.

When spills occur, cleanup can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Chemical absorbent pads help to reduce cleanup time and costs by quickly absorbing spills and preventing them from spreading. This can help to minimize downtime and reduce the need for expensive cleanup equipment and services.

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