Wheelie Bin Liners Heavy Duty Recyled in Black - Pack of 100

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Wheelie bin liners in black are suitable for both 120 and 240 litre wheelie bins to help prevent spillages and unwanted odours remaining within the bin..

Manufactured in the UK from Recycled Materials.


Wheelie bin liners are specially designed bags that fit inside your wheelie bin, providing an extra layer of protection and convenience in waste disposal. These liners are made from recycled materials that can withstand the weight and volume of your waste, ensuring they don't tear or leak.

By using liners, you can prevent spills and leaks, reducing the risk of contamination and the unpleasant task of cleaning up after a messy bin. Liners also make it easier to transport waste to the collection point, minimizing the chances of littering or leaving a trail of debris behind.


  • Length: 762mm
  • Width: 1168mm
  • Height: 1346mm
  • Thickness: 25 Gauge
  • Product Weight: 2kg
  • Manufactured in the UK from Recycled Materials
  • Product Code: OSS-WBL
  • Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN):


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  • 1-2 Days from Receipt of Order
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Recycled wheelie bin liners are designed to fit snugly inside your wheelie bin, making it easy to dispose of waste without worrying about spills or leaks. They are also compatible with most standard bin sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The liners are easy to install and remove, saving you time and effort in maintaining a clean and organized bin.

One of the most significant advantages of using recycled wheelie bin liners is their ability to contain unpleasant odors. This not only keeps your wheelie bin smelling fresh but also prevents the attraction of pests and insects.

Recycled wheelie bin liners help maintain a hygienic environment by preventing direct contact with waste. This is particularly important when disposing of potentially hazardous or contaminated materials. The liners act as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting a cleaner, healthier waste management process.

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